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This is one of the features in our web site that we hope you will enjoy. Here in the News Blog you can find out the latest information about Walt Disney World pressed coins.

All-Star Sports Machine Die Replacements
Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

One of the 3-die machines at All-Star Sports has had its dies removed and replaced with three retired dies from Hollywood Studios. The machine at this resort that was changed had three designs from the Disney's Villains numbered series. Since these three Disney's Villains des have been removed we will be marking them as being retired in a future update.

Disney's Villains 5 of 7 with Captain Hook has been replaced with the Belle & Beast design that was previously located in a machine at Once Upon A Time at Hollywood Studios. Disney's Villains 6 of 7 with Hades has been replaced with the Mrs. Potts & Chip design that was also located in a machine at Once Upon A Time. Disney's Villains 7 of 7 with Cruella De Vil has been replaced with Artist Mickey sitting at a drawing table design that is 4 of 5 from the Film Strip series that was previously in a machine at Pizza Planet.

All-Star Sports 3-Die Machine Die Replacements

New Disney's Boardwalk 8-Die Machine
Monday, March 25th, 2019

A new 8-die penny machine is now on-stage at Disney's Boardwalk Resort in the Character Carnival gift shop located on Disney's Boardwalk. This new 8-die machine has new designs with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Chip & Dale and Pluto. All eight designs have the Disney logos on them at the top along with the usual Disney copyright.

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New Pandora 8-Die Machine
Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

A new 8-die machine with Pandora - The World of Avatar themed designs is now available inside Windtraders near the left side entrance door at Animal Kingdom. All eight designs are based on the Avatar Flight of Passage and Na'vi River Journey rides at this park. All designs have the Disney logo and Pandora The World of Avatar logos on them.

The new designs are:

  • Viperwolf
  • Utility Suit "Pandora Science Team"
  • The Shaman of Songs
  • Whale-like creature leaping out of water
  • Ayram Alusing (The Floating Mountains)
  • Sivako (Na'vi for "Rise to the Challenge") Flying Banshee
  • Na'vi (Neytiri)
  • Na'vi Face Medallion

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The Incredibiles Numbered Series All Back On-Stage
Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

In a recent blog post about a new die with Frozone from The Incredibles numbered series we mentioned that Frozone and Dash were on the same 4-ring die at Once Upon A Toy at Disney Springs. These were the only two characters that were missing from this series when they were removed in August 2017.

We had previously posted that a new die with Frozone, 6 of 7 was placed in a machine at PizzeRizzo at Hollywood Studios. Another new die with Dash has been placed in a machine inside Pin Traders at Disney Springs. With the addition of these two new dies it completes The Incredibles numbered series making the complete set available again.

The machine that the new die with Dash was put into also has Mr. Incredible, 1 of 7 and Elastigirl 2 of 7 from The Incredibles series. Another design in this machine was Olaf and this design has been replaced with the new die with Dash, 4 of 7.

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The remaining three designs in this series are Violet, 3 of 7 which is in a machine also at Pin Traders at Disney Springs, Jack Jack 5 of 7 which was another character that was replaced with a different die in 2011 that is in a machine at Disney Traders at EPCOT and Syndrome, 7 of 7 that is in a different machine at PizzeRizzo at Hollywood Studios.

New Die With Frozone On-Stage
Monday, February 25th, 2019

In August 2017, the 4-die ring in a machine at Once Upon A Toy at Disney Springs was replaced with new designs. Two of the designs that were on this die ring that was replaced contained two designs from the numbered series with characters from The Incredibles movie. One design was Dash, 4 of 7 and the other design was Frozone, 6 of 7.

A new single die has been made with the same Frozone design and has been placed in a 3-die machine at PizzeRizzo at Hollywood Studios. This new die replaces the design with the side profile of Mickey with a movie camera and the Walt Disney Studios logo.

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New World's Biggest Mouse Party Designs
Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Mickey Mouse turned 90 on November 18, 2018. As part of the events and merchandise that is available to celebrate this event, five pressed pennies have recently been placed on-stage at various locations at Walt Disney World.

In the picture below the first two pennies on the top row can be found at the Newsstand and in the Verandah Breezeway outside of Island Supply at Magic Kingdom. The third coin on the top right is in a machine inside Mouse Gear at Epcot. This same machine also has a 2019 penny that was placed on-stage at the first of the year. The next two pennies on the bottom row can be found in the Disney Studio Store at Hollywood Studios and inside Disney's Pin Traders at Disney Springs.

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All of these new coins have the wording of "World's Biggest Mouse Party" on them. We will also be treating these new coins as a mini set within the 2019 dated coins since one of these new designs has the year 2019 on it.

Toy Story Mania Machine Removed
Saturday, February 9th, 2019

The Toy Story Mania machine at Hollywood Studios has been removed. It is our opinion that this machine will not be returning and we will mark all four designs that were in this machine as being retired with our next database update.

New Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Courtyard Machine Die
Saturday, February 9th, 2019

One of the two Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Courtyard machines at Hollywood Studios has a new die ring with two new designs. In checking machines this one would have been very easy to miss since it only looks like one of the designs has changed. The one new design has Pluto blowing a horn instead of Goofy. Closer inspection also shows that the flaming guitar design is different since the size of the guitar and flames are different. Of course, when a die ring is changed all four designs have a different die even though the design appears to be the same. Briefly inspecting the first two designs they appear to be the same as what was originally in this machine. Since we know the die is different even though the designs are the same for the first two designs, we will still assign a new catalog number to all four designs.

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2019 Minnie Quarter Design Replaced
Saturday, February 9th, 2019

It appears that the 2019 Minnie quarter design at All-Star Music Resort has had a short life since it has already been replaced. The design that is now at this resort is a new quarter design with Maleficent's Dragon. This design is also available as a penny design inside Rock Around the Shop at Hollywood Studios.

2019 Maleficent's Dragon Quarter - All-Star Music

Available 2019 WDW Pressed Coins

Database And Checklists Updated Today
Monday, January 21st, 2019

Our database and all of our checklists and listings were updated today. These checklists now show that there are currently 231 machines available at Walt Disney World and other nearby off-site Disney locations. The current available coin count is up to 897 coins comprising of 827 pennies, 4 dimes and 66 quarters. The total cost to get all of the available coins including the coins that you have to provide to press is $543.95.

All of our listings are provided for your personal use and they and information on our website is in no way endorsed by Walt Disney Company or the vendor that makes and maintains the elongated coin machines for Disney. We started posting listings on the Internet over 20 years ago to promote and to help people with collecting Disney World elongated coins. Our desire is to continue to do this for many more years.

Happy Collecting!! --