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This is one of the features in our web site that we hope you will enjoy. Here in the News Blog you can find out the latest information about Walt Disney World pressed coins.

Epcot Machines Update
Sunday, January 5th, 2020

The Character Connection is now closed and the Big Hero Six machine at that location is no longer available.

The machine at ImageWorks has been removed and there are now two photo booths where this machine used to be located.

Mouse Gears is officially closed as of today and has been moved to a temporary location where Colortopia used to be located at which is behind the Electric Umbrella. The temporary store is a third the size of what Mouse Gears used to be. None of the pressed coin machines that were at Mouse Gears are at this temporary location. This includes the penny machine with the new 2020 design that we reported being on-stage a few days ago. At this time we do not know what will be done with the machines that were at Mouse Gears but hopefully they will show up at this temporary location or placed back on-stage at some other location.

Additional 2020 Penny Designs
Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Most of the 2019 pressed coins at Walt Disney World have now been replaced with new 2020 designs. The image below shows three more 2020 penny designs that are available at the Polynesian Village Resort, Art of Animation Resort and Sir Mickey's at Magic Kingdom. The first design with Minnie is the design that is available in a machine at the Polynesian Village Resort by Moana Mercantile. The next image with Donald is in a machine located in the Landscape of Flavors Food Court at the Art of Animation Resort. The last 2020 design is inside Sir Mickey's at the Magic Kingdom.

2020 Coins At Polynesian & Art of Animation Resorts and Sir Mickey's

Available 2020 WDW Pressed Coins

The 4-die machine with preloaded zinc pennies that cost $1.00 per coin for each design located at the Main Street Railroad Station at the Magic Kingdom that had four 2019 penny designs now has all new 2020 designs.

Available 2020 WDW Pressed Coins

New 8-Die Epcot Machine
Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

A new 8-die machine has been placed on-stage inside The Wandering Reindeer store located in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. All eight new designs feature various characters from Disney's Frozen animated movie.

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New 2020 Pressed Coins
Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

The replacement of the 2019 pressed coins with new 2020 designs began a few days ago and a lot of them have been replaced. Below are some of the new 2020 designs that are now available.

All three of the All-Star Resorts have new 2020 designs. In the image below the penny with Pluto and the quarter with Donald is at the All-Star Movies Resort. The 2020 quarter design with Pluto is located at the All-Star Music Resort and the last quarter image with Goofy is at All-Star Sports Resort.

New 2020 Coins At All-Star Resorts

Available 2020 WDW Pressed Coins

The next image has the coins that are currently available at Animal Kingdom and Epcot. The 2020 design with the Tree of Life replaces the 2019 penny at Chester & Hester's Dinosaur Treasures. The next penny design with Chip & Dale is available at Epcot inside Disney Traders and the last penny with Spaceship Earth is in a machine inside Mouse Gears. Mouse Gears is scheduled to be moved to a temporary location on January 5th and at this time we are not sure what will happen to this machine with this design.

New 2020 Coins At Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Available 2020 WDW Pressed Coins

The last image is of the 2020 penny and quarter designs located at Hollywood Studios. The 2020 quarter design with the Hollywood Tower Hotel is at Tower Hotel Gifts and the penny design with Chip & Dale is in the 3-die machine inside Rock Around the Shop.

New 2020 Coins At Hollywood Studios

Available 2020 WDW Pressed Coins