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This is one of the features in our web site that we hope you will enjoy. Here in the News Blog you can find out the latest information about Walt Disney World pressed coins.

Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Coins Replaced
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

The six Disney's Animal Kingdom 20th Annversary pennies have been replaced. The two 3-die machines that are currently located at Mombasa Marketplace and the Outpost Shop that had these designs now have new designs with the same characters and wording of Disney Conservation Fund at the bottom. Only the wording at the top of each coin has been changed from Disney's Animal Kingdom 20th Annversary to just Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Available Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Replacements

New 2019 Coins At Animal Kingdom & All-Star Movies
Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

The 2018 pressed coin designs at Animal Kingdom have been replaced with new 2019 designs. At Chester and Hester's Dinosaur Treasures is a new 2019 penny design with the Tree of Life. At Harambe Railway Station the 2018 quarter has been replaced with a 2019 design with Pluto. This design is also available as a penny at the All-Star Movie Resort that is shown below.

2019 Animal Kingdom Pressed Coins

Available 2019 WDW Pressed Coins

Below are the 2019 quarter and penny designs that are available at All-Star Movie Resort. The 2019 quarter with Donald Duck replaces the 2018 quarter with Mickey Mouse. There was no 2018 penny located at this resort last year but there is a 2019 penny design for this year. The 2019 penny with Pluto is the same design as the quarter design at Harambe Railway Station at Animal Kingdom. This new design replaces the design with Rex from the Disney's Toy Story movie.

2019 All-Star Movies Resort Pressed Coins

Available 2019 WDW Pressed Coins

New 2019 Disney World Pressed Coins
Monday, December 31st, 2018

The 2019 Walt Disney World coins have started being put on-stage as of December 29, 2018. Below are three of these new coins that are currently available. The Hollywood Tower Hotel 2019 quarter is in the machine at Tower Hotel Gifts at Hollywood Studios and it replaces the design that has the Hollywood Tower Hotel crest. The 2019 penny that has Maleficent's Dragon replaces the 2018 penny at Rock Around the Shop at Hollywood Studios. The 2019 quarter with Chip & Dale replaces the 2018 quarter in the machine at The Land near The Garden Grill Restaurant.

2019 Disney World Pressed Coins

Available 2019 WDW Pressed Coins