New 8-Die Animal Kingdom Machine
Friday, August 30th, 2019

A new 8-die machine has been placed on-stage inside The Dino Institue Gift Shop at Animal Kingdom. This new machine has 7 designs with various characters from the Disney•Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur. The eighth design is a horizontal design with caveman Mickey.

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The machine is located in the gift shop near the Dinosaur ride exit.

The Good Dinosaur 8-Die Machine

 Machine Moves and Changes
Monday, August 5th, 2019

At Animal Kingdom the 3-die machine that was originally located inside the Conservation Station at Rafiki's Planet Watch and moved to Mombasa Marketplace due to refurbishment at Rafiki's Planet Watch is back on-stage. This machine was temporarily moved to Mombasa Marketplace but was removed in May of this year. It is now located to the left of the doors as you enter the Conservation Station beside the Dog Tag ID machine.

The 3-die penny machine outside of Island Mercantile at Animal Kingdom has been moved inside the store by the doors nearest to Pandora. The 3-die quarter machine that was removed from this location a few months ago is still off-stage.

The 4-die machine with Disney•Pixar Cars movie designs that was in the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Courtyard at Hollywood Studios has a new faceplate and the machine has been moved outside of Lightning McQueen Racing Academy.

Most of the machine changes have occurred at Epcot as the 4-die penny machines that cost $0.50 plus your own penny that you want to press are being converted to one dollar preloaded zinc penny machines. The first batch of 4-die hand crank machines that were removed several weeks ago are now all back and are converted to one dollar machines. These machines are Sunshine Seasons at The Land, African Outpost, both of the 4-die China machines that are located in the courtyard and one of the 4-die machines in the Japan World Showcase courtyard. The next batch of 4-die machines have been removed to be converted to one dollar preloaded zinc penny machines and they are the other Japan courtyard machine that wasn't converted in the first batch and both machines at Pin Traders.

One thing to note with the one dollar preloaded zinc penny machines is that at Magic Kingdom you can only use a credit card if you want all four designs from a machine. At Epcot you can use a credit card for each coin that you want to get. As we have mentioned before from our own experience is that credit card issuers usually have a problem if there are multiple transactions from the same place on the same day.

The four die hand crank machines at Disney World are also not the only machines that we have seen that are being converted at other amusement parks and locations that cost $0.50 plus the penny that you want to press to one dollar preloaded zinc machines. Disney World is the only place that we have seen that accept both one dollar bills and have a credit card reader for using a credit card.

 Epcot 4-Die Machine Removals
Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Several of the 4-die machines at Epcot have been recently removed. We are assuming that the rest of the nine 4-die machines at Epcot will be removed and all of them will be converted and returned as one dollar preloaded zinc penny machines. So far five machines have been removed and four of the machines are still on-stage.

The 4-die machine located at The Land Food Court is the only one in Future World that has been removed. The two machines at Pin Central in Future World and the penny machine at the Living Seas were still on-stage when we checked. In the World Showcase the machine located at the African Outpost and both of the 4-die machines in the China Pavilion have been removed. In the Japan Pavilion one machine has been removed and one machine was still on-stage.

 New Disney Pixar Inside Out 8-Die Machine
Friday, June 21st, 2019

A new 8-Die machine with Disney Pixar Inside Out designs is now on-stage inside Mouse Gears at EPCOT. This new machine replaces one of the 3-die machines that was at this location. The Mickey holding a passport, Spaceship Earth with Epcot sign and Kristoff from Disney's Frozen movie that were in this 3-die machine that was removed are now considered to be retired.

All 8 new designs have the Disney Pixar Inside Out logo on them with one or more characters from the Inside Out movie. The designs are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Bing Bong, Joy & Sadness and a design with multiple characters.

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 Magic Kingdom Hand Crank Machines Conversion
Thursday, June 20th, 2019

All of the 4-die hand crank machines that were recently removed from Magic Kingdom are all back and have been converted to preloaded zinc penny machines that now cost $1.00 per coin.

The hand crank dime machine that was located at Tomorrowland Light & Power Company has been converted to a $1.00 penny machine. The die ring was not changed and only the pressure on the machine was adjusted to press properly on zinc pennies instead of dimes.

 Magic Kingdom Machines Update
Thursday, June 6th, 2019

As reported earlier most of the hand crank machines at Magic Kingdom had been removed and the Tomorrowland Speedway machine that was removed had returned and was converted to a new style hand crank penny machine that supplied a zinc penny and cost $1.00 to get each penny. In addition to this machine that had been converted there were also two other new $1.00 machines that replaced the penny and quarter machines at Main Street Railroad Station. All three of this new style of hand crank penny machine only accepted $1.00 bills or a credit card if you wanted all four designs.

In our previous blog post we also mentioned that we were expecting the rest of the hand crank machines to be removed and that they would eventually be returned and converted to this new style $1.00 machine. All of the remaining hand crank machines at Magic Kingdom have now been removed with the most recent ones being the penny machine at Big Top Souvenirs and the dime machine at Tomorrowland Light & Power Company. In addition to these last few hand crank machines being removed at Magic Kingdom the 3-die machine at Castle Couture has also been removed.

Some of the hand crank machines that were previously removed are now being brought back converted to $1.00 penny machines that supply a zinc penny but they are not all the same regarding credit card usage. So far the Buzz Lightyear penny machine near the People Mover has returned but it only accepts $1.00 bills and it does not have a credit card reader. The penny machine at Tomorrowland Light & Power Company has also been brought back and converted to a $1.00 machine. This machine has a credit card reader in addition to the $1.00 bill receptor but a credit card cannot be used to get all four designs. A credit card can only be used to get one design at a time which we thought was a little odd because if you want all four designs you would have to make four separate credit card transactions which from our experience causes a problem with credit card issuers if something like this is done. The Haunted Mansion penny machine is also back and has been converted to a $1.00 machine like most of the other new style of penny machines that accepts $1.00 bills or a $4.00 charge to your credit card if you want all four designs.

 Database, Listings and Checklists Updated Today
Tuesday, May 28th, 2019
Our database and all of our listings and checklists were updated today. Since our last listings there have been several things that have happened to the pressed coin machines at Disney World especially at Magic Kingdom. Machines are routinely removed for refurbishment which makes it difficult for us to know whether a machine has been removed for refurbishment or if a machine has been totally removed. In the past when we update everything we usually leave any machines that we noticed being off-stage as still available and we assume that the machine is just temporarily off-stage for refurbishment. If a machine is missing for a few months then we will usually mark the machine as being off-stage or retired unless we find out what is going on with a machine.

For our update this time there were some new things that have started happening at Magic Kingdom the beginning of May 2019 that made it a little more difficult as to what to do with our listings and checklists. A new style of machine appeared at the Main Street Railroad Station replacing the penny and quarter machines that were at that location. These two new machines are 4-die hand crank machines that only accept $1.00 bills or a credit card. You also can no longer use your own penny to press because the machine also provides a shinny new copper plated zinc penny. The cost to get each coin is now $1.00 and there is no discount to get all four designs like there are for getting all the designs in he eight and twelve die machines that first started appearing 4 years ago in April 2015. A credit card can only be used if you want all four designs.

In addition to these two new machines at the Main Street Railroad Station the 4-die hand crank machine at Tomorrowland Speedway that had been off-stage reappeared at the same time and it had been converted from a machine that took two quarters and your penny to press to the same style of new machine that only accepts $1.00 bills or a credit card that costs $1.00 for each design.

During the month of May we started noticing other old style 4-die hand crank machines that require no electricity being removed at Magic Kingdom. The last time we checked the machines at Magic Kingdom almost all of the old 4-die hand crank machines had been removed from this park which is very unusual. We are assuming that all of these machines are being refurbished and there is a good chance that they will be converted and returned as a $1.00 machine. Since this new style of machine requires electricity to operate some of these machines may have to be relocated to a different location

For this update with a larger than normal number of machines being off-stage for refurbishment and or conversion to $1.00 machines we have left all of the old style 4-die hand crank machines at Magic Kingdom on our listing even though some of them have already been gone for a month. We have also included some wording on some of our listings for the Magic Kingdom machines stating that most if not all of the old style 4-die hand crank machines are currently off-stage and if they are placed back on-stage could be converted to the new style $1.00 machine.

As a note, elongated coin collectors will use copper pennies that were minted in 1981 or before if at all possible because they look batter and hold up a lot better over time. Pressed coins that were done on copper cents can also usually be cleaned with little or no damage. Copper plated zinc pennies when pressed will have stretch marks with silver streaks showing through a lot of times due to the thin coating of copper on the zinc core penny being stretched. Depending on how deep the die was engraved can also cause silver areas around the design that was pressed on the coin. Those silver areas on the coin over time will slowly turn black depending on how they are stored and in some cases can already be a light gray or even a darker gray within a few weeks. It's also not a good idea to try to clean coins pressed on copper plated zinc pennies because this will usually damage the coin even more. Unfortunately, copper pennies that were minted in 1981 or before can not be used in any of the Disney World machines that provide the penny for you to be pressed.

 New 8-Die Lion King Machine
Friday, May 24th, 2019

A new 8-Die Lion King machine is now on-stage inside Mombasa Marketplace at Animal Kingdom. All 8 new designs have the Disney logo on them with various characters from Disney's Lion King movie or the television series The Lion Guard.

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 Toy Story Land Machine Update
Thursday, May 9th, 2019

In our previous post about the new Toy Story Land machine we mentioned that it was very odd to see the vendor's PENNYCOLLECTOR.COM dot border on the four penny designs in this new machine. While we have seen this border used on coins in numerous machines located across the United States this dot border had never been used on any Walt Disney World designs. We mentioned something about this in our previous post because we thought it was very strange to see this on the four new pennies when the new Toy Story Land machine was placed on-stage this week.

The die ring in the Toy Story Land machine was changed this morning removing the vendor's dot border making the four previous designs rather rare since they were only available to get for two days.

 New Toy Story Land $1 Machine
Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

A new Toy Story Land machine that is one of the newer 4-die hand crank machines that provides a copper plated zinc penny that cost $1.00 for each coin is now on-stage at Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios.

The four new designs are Toy Story Land with Woody & Buzz Lightyear, Alien Swirling Saucers, Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania with Rex.

Toy Story Land 4-Die Machine

What is unusual with these four new designs is that they all have a PENNYCOLLECTOR.COM dot border on them which is a first and is not something that has been done in the past. The faceplate showing what designs are on each coin also does not show that this vendor's dot border should be on them but should have the normal dot border.

Toy Story Land Slinky Dog Penny

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