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This is one of the features in our web site that we hope you will enjoy. Here in the News Blog you can find out the latest information about Walt Disney World pressed coins. Keep up to date the fastest and quickest way by subscribing to our RSS feed by clicking on the link located below.

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Database And Listings Updated Today
Monday, January 15th, 2018

We have updated our database and all of our listings today. Included in this update are the fourteen 2018 dated coins that are available to get. We have not added the fifteen 2018 coin that we expect to be available in the future at Hollywood Studios but is currently not available.

Last Two 2018 Coins Are Now On-Stage
Monday, January 8th, 2018

The last two 2018 dated coins are now on-stage at the Grand Floridian Resort and Rock Around the Shop at Hollywood Studios. For some reason what the vendor had previously posted about what designs were going to be put in those two machines have been swapped. We also posted incorrect design info for these two machines in a previous post and it has been corrected in this post.

This completes the replacement of the fifteen 2017 with new 2018 designs. Keep in mind that we have no way of verifying that the quarter machine is really behind construction walls inside the Stage One Company Store at Hollywood Studios. We have been told this by several Disney Cast Members so we believe this to be true. We first found out about these construction walls being put up the end of October 2017. At that time Disney Cast Members were saying that it would only be for a few weeks. The latest thing we have heard is that the constructions walls could be up all the way to June. Hopefully, this machine will be relocated soon and once we know that this has been done then we will post an update.

An update to what we had previously posted with the corrected locations for the last two machines is below of all fifteen 2018 dated coins.

Available 2018 WDW Pressed Coins

Three 2018 Coins Not In Yet
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

To save time for anybody wanting to get all fifteen 2018 coins we thought we would post an update on what we have found by going around to the machines. Yesterday, there were three machines that still had 2017 dies. One of them was Sir Mickey's at Magic Kingdom. The die in that machine was replaced with the 2018 die this morning.

The other two machines that still have 2017 designs are at the Rock Around the Shop at Hollywood Studios and the second floor lobby machine at the Grand Floridian. We're assuming there must be a problem with getting these dies replaced and we will post something as soon as we know that the dies in these machines have been replaced. Also, keep in mind that there is no way for us to check the machine at the Stage 1 Company Store at Hollywood Studios because it's still behind a construction wall and the machine has not been moved to a different location.