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New China World Showcase Machines
Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Two new machines have been put on-stage at the China World Showcase at EPCOT. The first machine is a 3-die electric machine and is located inside Good Fortune Gifts by the door that exits to the promenade.

China Machine Faceplate

The second machine is a 4-die hand crank machine that is easy to spot on the promenade heading into the shopping area past the corner of the building that is the museum.

China Machine #2 Faceplate

Coin Changer That Dispenses Pennies With Quarters
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

In the past few years there have been coin changers placed in all four of the Disney parks near a few pressed coin machines. It sure makes it a lot easier then asking store clerks for quarters or carrying a bunch of quarters around with you when you are in one of the parks. Most of the coin changers can dispense quarters by inserting a $1 bill and any denomination up to $20.

A few months ago when the two machines by the Island Supply Company were put into a new dual cabinet in the Verandah Breezeway, a different type of coin changer was also installed in the cabinet. This machine accepts $1 or $5 and instead of dispensing just quarters it also dispenses pennies for getting pressed coins. If you insert a $1 bill you will get 4 quarters and 2 pennies. If you insert $5 you will get 20 quarters and 10 pennies.

We have heard of this being done at some places but this is the first and only coin changer that does this at Disney World

In addition to this special coin changer in the Verandah Breezeway near Island Supply at Magic Kingdom, there is also a coin changer at the Main Street Train Station and Splash Mountain. Animal Kingdom only has one coin changer and it is located at the Rain Forest Cafe. EPCOT has a changer at The Land and the Living Seas. At Hollywood Studios there are changers at Mickey's of Hollywood, Tower of Terror and the Prop Shop.

All three of the All-Star Resorts have changers by the pressed coin machines. The Contemporary Resort also has a changer by the machines.

Tomorrowland Speedway Machine Off-Stage
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
The Tomorrowland Speedway Machine was removed in July for refurbishment. We have heard that the machine was not able to be put back on-stage at the same location after the refurbishment and it will have to be relocated. We have marked the four designs that were in this machine as being retired since there is no time frame when the machine will be back on-stage.
Big Hero 6 Machine Back On-Stage
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
The 3-die Big Hero 6 machine at Hollywood Studios is back on-stage at a new location. This machine has been off-stage since the middle of July when the Magic of Disney Animation was closed. The machine has been relocated and it is now at Pizza Planet.
New Disney Springs Machine
Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Four new Disney Springs designs have replaced the Downtown Disney designs at Marketplace Fun Finds. We have also changed our website since this area is now officially called Disney Springs.

Disney Springs

Even though these four designs are the first Disney Springs designs we will be assigning catalog numbers with our current Downtown Disney prefix of 'DTD'.

We probably should have started doing this several years ago but since Disney is no longer putting park or area logos on designs like they used to do years ago it no longer makes any sense to assign a prefix to denote where a design is located by looking at the catalog number. Disney has also been moving designs around a lot more then they used to which has required us to assign multiple catalog numbers to denote where a design is located.

Starting next year we are planning on using just a generic prefix of 'WDW' for all new designs. If there are any other designs with the Disney Springs logo for this year, we will also assign them a catalog number prefix of 'DTD' since it didn't make any sense to start using another new catalog prefix just to denote a few designs as being located at Disney Springs.

New Machine At Disney's Earport
Thursday, October 1st, 2015

A new pressed penny machine has been put inside Disney's Earport at the Orlando International Airport. The button "A" design has Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. This is the same design that was at In Character at Hollywood Studios before the machine was replaced with a 12-die machine in April. The die is the same one that was at In Character so this is not a new design. The other two designs are new designs and are of Pilot Mickey and Pilot Stitch.

Disney's Earport Designs

Hollywood Studios 12 Design Machine Update
Saturday, September 19th, 2015

After further inspecting coins produced by both dies from the 12-die machine at Hollywood Studios, there does seem to be some differences even though the dies are supposed to be identical. The coins pressed with the first die seem to have a little more detail and the lines are more raised and rounded. The pennies pressed by the second die appear to be thicker and flatter. Part of the banner poles and some other small parts of the design seem to be missing.

Also, instead of using a catalog suffix of -2 we are going to add a suffix of a lower case 'a' to the original catalog number. We have also updated our original blog post about the die change with this information.

New Machine At Hollywood Studios
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

A new 4-die hand crank machine has been installed at the Prop Shop at Hollywood Studios. This will make the 7th machine at this location. The designs are based on the Disney Pixar movie Monsters, Inc. All four designs are similar with one of the characters from the movie standing in a doorway. The characters are Mike, Sulley, Boo and Randall.

Prop Shop - Monsters, Inc.

Sorcerer Hat Shop Machine is Back On-Stage
Monday, July 20th, 2015
The penny machine that was located at the Sorcerer Hat Shop at Hollywood Studios and removed January 2015 is back on-stage. The machine cabinet has been re-themed to match it's new location at Hollywood Junction. The machine contains the same four designs with Phineas, Carl, Dug & Russell and Ferb.
Star Wars Weekend Machine Is Still On-Stage
Monday, July 20th, 2015

In the past two years the Star Wars Machine was only available on the weekends at Hollywood Studios. When this annual event was over, the machine was removed and put back into storage.

This year the machine was located at the Prop Shop and it was also available during the week instead of just on the weekends. What is interesting is that this machine is still on-stage and it has not been removed like it was in previous years.

We are not sure how long this machine will be available but it is still at the Prop Shop in between two other pressed coin machines at this location.